August 29, 2017


About Me:

Hello there! I’m Benjamin Thomas Blodgett.
I’m a software engineer working out of Michigan, USA. I’ve dedicated my full time to working on making new and fun interactive experiences. I started programming in Highschool with my TI-84, using TI-BASIC to make my math and physics homework easier. My first attempt at making my own game was using that TI-BASIC scripting language to create a choice based story game. My final year, I took an online intro to C++ Programming class. Ever since that year, I’ve been hooked on programming and trying to use my coding skills into fun games. I got into the Source Engine modding craze while at university, and even taught club classes on modding using the Portal 2 engine. Post university, I was a software engineer for a logicstics and materials handling company for 3+ years. Durring that time, all my spair time was spent making more utilities for modders, and making video game prototypes. In early 2017, I left my job to be a full time indie game developer, living off of savings I stockpiled for this purpose. And here I am now, persuing my passion for game development, activly working on a new game called Daakorun.

About Daakorun:

Daakorun, is a first person puzzle game, revolving around a mechanic of teleportation. It is currently in the early alpha phase. To solve puzzles, you must utilize a given device that allows you to tether to objects, and swap places with them. Special obstacles make this task more difficult. Though the trickiest thing to learn is when you swap places with your tethered object, it goes to where you were.