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About Me

Hello World! I’m Benjamin Thomas Blodgett. (Yes! that is [young] me in the photo)

I’m a software engineer working out of Michigan, USA. I’ve dedicated my full time to working on making new and fun interactive experiences.

I started programming in Highschool with my TI-84, using TI-BASIC to make my math and physics homework easier. This slowly developed into my creating short games for my classmates, and I haven’t stopped making games since.

I got into the Source Engine modding craze while at university, even taught club classes on modding using the Portal 2 engine. Post university, I was a software engineer for a logistics and materials handling company for 3+ years. Durring that period, all my spare time was spent making more utilities for modders, and making video game prototypes.

In early 2017, I left my job to be a full-time indie game developer. Here I am now, persuing my passion for game development. I worked for a couple years doing freelance work and trying to develop my prototypes into full games (haven’t finished one yet!). In my spare time I still try to find space to work on my own game ideas.

I joined Supra Games in 2019 where I’ve gotten to work in small part on: Supraland (post release), and Supraland: Crash. At the same time work start-to-finish on Supraland Six Inches Under. Now working full time on Supraworld.

I am blessed to have fraternal twin children and a lovely wife.