Default Values

Released | Download @ Unreal Marketplace | Source @ GitHub | Documentation
  • Provides default value nodes for common types.

Value Store System

In Progress | Source @ GitHub
  • Store & retrieve values by Name Key or GameplayTag associated with specific objects.
  • Able to use this system in a global manner also.
  • Collect and apply all the stored attributes in bulk with a structure that can be saved.

Message System

In Progress | Source @ GitHub
  • Quickly setup message connections betwee actors in a level.
  • Actors can define acceptable messages to receive, and expected messages that they will broadcast.
  • Select an actor in the level viewport, and edit its outgoing messages. OnOutGoingMessage -> DoIncommingMessage on TargetActor.
  • View list of incomming messages to your actor from other actors.
  • Set up static implementation handlers for processing a batch of messages. These can be paired with Interfaces, so any actor with an interface automatically supports a defined group of in-comming messages. Usually related to the Interface’s own functions.