New Plugins

Since 2017 I’ve been working full time in Unreal Engine. I’ve developed lots of little libraries and tools for myself and my projects. Now I want to bundle them up and make them usable for others. Right now I’m working on them incrementally to get the simple ones done and out, while I work towards the one I’m most eager to have finished: Message System.

Message System is one that I have prototyped a few times in Blueprints, but am now rewriting in C++ for the final version. The Message System is the Plugin I am most proud of so far, and I think is an incredibly useful tool for level actor communication. If you have ever used Source Engine, and wished Unreal had a IO system between game objects in Unreal Engine, that is what I endevor to create!

Check the Plugins page to see the latest state of Plugins I am working on.

Check the Dream Seed Sellers Page on the Unreal Engine Marketplace to see published plugins.